BICON Swaziland is multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering Firm, which operates in the Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Management disciplines.

Structural Projects

Bicon has the facilities to perform structural analysis, detailed designs and perform construction supervision.

Projects we have carried out;

King Mswati III International Airport (Design and supervision of major Structural works, and Civils works including 300m retaining walls up to 9m high. Site administration and contract supervision. Co-ordination of services, new apron, taxiway and other ancillary items.
Matsapha, Elangeni Depot and Madlangempisi (Design and supervision of civil and structural works of staff houses in Matsapha and Elangeni. Construction of a double storey)
Piggs Peak Magistrate Court (Infrastructure designs for roads, water, sewerage etc. Structural designs for building which is concrete framed. Tendering procedures and contract inspection and administration).
Matsapha Civic Centre for Matsapha Municipality (Construction of a double storey building structure – comprising of offices, parking and access roads).
Woodlands Extension 1 & 2 (Provision of new township in Mbabane. Design and supervision of structural and civil works).
Police flats at Siphofaneni and Mbabane (Construction of two new double storey blocks of flats, parking area and stormwater layout).
Veterinary Hospital, Manzini (Design and construction supervision of new Veterinary Hospital, for Ministry of Agriculture. Structural steel roof supports, concrete members, foundations etc).
Medical Stores, Matsapha (Extension for storage, new structural steel double storied building, plus refurbishment of existing buildings and offices, concrete roadways bulk).
Siyanaka Clinic, Manzini (Design and construction supervision of new Women and Children’s Hospital, Structural steel roof supports, concrete members, foundations etc).
Army Headquarters (Construction of new headquarters for the defence force on a green field site. This is a building to accommodate 1000 staff).
Thesavuma Starch Factory, Siphofaneni (Construction of a farm project comprising of a cassava processing factory, management house, 100 cubic metre concrete water tank and access roads).
Matsapha Feed Master, Matsapha (construction of new premises for feed plant, steel structures for storage, buildings and offices, concrete roadways bulk handling facilities, six storey high structure for the hill).
Factory shells, Siteki, Matsapha and Nhlangano (construction of new premises for factory shells for investors and factory shells extension).


Bicon’s aim is to serve client with professionalism, integrity and independence of judgement, whilst at the same time positively contributing to the well-being of the community, and when involved in a project or application of technology, to do its best to ensure that the affected parties are identified, properly informed and consulted.


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