BICON Swaziland is multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering Firm, which operates in the Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Management disciplines.

Environmental Studies

The purpose of an environmental study is to ensure that the proposed project is adequately integrated into the existing social and natural conditions of an area without causing detriment to the local or general ecosystems. A proposed project may be desirable and economically viable but also should not come at the expense of the natural or social environment.
It is necessary to find the required balance by considering everyone and everything that have a stake in the proposed project.
It is therefore the aim of the environmental study to provide such an integrated plan which will ensure an ecological sensitive and economical responsible implementation of the project.

Studies have been carried out for the different categories of classification for different projects.

- Comprehensive Mitigation Plan (CMP)
- Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE)
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Bicon’s aim is to serve client with professionalism, integrity and independence of judgement, whilst at the same time positively contributing to the well-being of the community, and when involved in a project or application of technology, to do its best to ensure that the affected parties are identified, properly informed and consulted.


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